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2010 CQA/ACC  Quilt Teacher of the Year
Dianne Stevenson

    Welcome into the world of Dianne Stevenson where the past and the     present get woven into textile work.  Growing up as a 5th generation     quilter in rural Southern  Ontario, quilting is as much a part of her         life as  fresh air. Using traditional designs and history as her                     springboard, Dianne revels in breathing new life into old fashioned     blocks.  She has taught and lectured internationally and throughout     British Columbia.  Canadian history becomes the celebration of our     country’s past in a class entitled “Canadiana in Cloth”, a series that     is both informative and entertaining.  Fabric manipulation of classic     blocks is the focus for “Black Crow  Quilt Designs” and subsequent     patterns.
    There is not much time left over for Dianne's other passions of                 photography, reading and the outdoors. 

   Dianne lives in Burnaby, British Columbia with her husband, her            two sons and families close by.